Friday, September 14, 2012


I might have a slight pinterest addiction.  Ryan told me that since I was staying home, I should attempt to do at least one thing from Pinterest a week.  ( I really think he just wants to see some kind of payoff for all the hours I spend pinning things)

Well this week I tried my first craft.... Ryan had these old Coke and Dr. Pepper bottle crates that he kept from the home he grew up in.  They have been sitting in our garage for 6 year now, and I haven't quite known what to do with them, but they were too cool to get rid of.  Well, the other day after searching for the umpteenth time for one of Kai's lego men, I found the perfect solution.  I used the old crates for display cases in the boys toys.

Andrew used his for all of his superheros and cars and we used Kai's for Lego men.

Here is Andrew trying to decide which Lego man to steal while Kai is off at school.

I really did not see this on Pinterst, it just looks like something you might see on there, so I am counting it.

I will start my official Pinterest crafts next week.

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Emily said...

Ooh, I wish James told me I should make something once a week!! I would spend way too much money though! :)