Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer of Missions

This is not a blog to boast... this is an intervention for myself.

This summer, Ryan and I have been on one mission after another.

During June I directed 7 different day camps for 60+ kids at our church.  During this time Ryan left for a week long mission trip called UMArmy in Lumberton, TX.  In July, Ryan left again for a jr. high mission trip in Dallas, TX, then came back and immediately left again for Male Retreat, then came back for VBS, and now I am about to leave for the female retreat, while Kai is attending his second VBS camp.  In August I have 6 mini camps for toddlers that I have yet to prepare for and Ryan is preaching all four Sundays.

Some people would look at this and say wow, you guys are on Fire for God.... however I am feeling a little burnt out.  We need to learn how to say no!!!

I am saying it now, starting today, Ryan and I WILL start saying NO!

We can do plenty for God without doing everything.  We need to focus on quality not quantity.  We need alone time with God so he can show us where and how we need to serve, instead of just saying yes to every opportunity that comes our way.

I have pictures of everything we did this summer but I am too tired to post them....

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Emily said...

SUCH a hard lesson to learn! I still feel incredibly guilty when I say no to things! I think you nailed it about quality not quantity, and time alone with God. Jesus took ministry breaks too! :)