Saturday, May 5, 2012

Denver- Day 2

Today was all about adventure.  Ryan started his conference, so I set out on my own in an unknown land, to see what I could see.

I started out my day with a chocolate croissant and an espresso at a fancy little bistro called Crave-- that was an adventure in itself.  I am not a coffee drinker, but I always hear people ordering espresso, so I gave it a whirl.... I was not impressed, but I was hyper!

Fueled on coffee, I headed west, towards the mountains, to a place called Red Rock Amphitheater.  I hiked around the trails for about two hours and took a lot of pictures.

After that, I went to pay homage to a man who was the embodiment the adventure-- Buffalo Bill.  His grave in on the top of a cliff in Golden, Colorado.  It had spectacular panoramic views of the mountains, and it said that you can look upon three different states from the top.  I visited the grave site, the museum, the gift shop and the restuarant (where I had a delicious buffalo burger).

That evening, I joined Ryan and Cathy (the other pastor from our church attending the conference) and her daughter for dinner.  After that, Ryan and I attended a two hour worship service put on by the conference in this magnificent old Methodist church.

After the service we wandered around the downtown district for a while, taking in all the sites, and then headed back to the hotel.  We were both exhausted.

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Emily said...

You are so outdoorsy and adventurous. If it were me by myself, I would've "explored" the down town area. haha!