Monday, December 26, 2011

A really long Christmas post!

In keeping with my 40 posts a year tradition, I have to cram all of Christmas into one really big, photo heavy post.

We went to many parties this year, attended a wonderful Christmas production at Second Baptist Church, and spent precious time with family.

Here we are with Ryan's family--yes it was an ugly sweater party--thus the turtleneck/sweater combo-- and yes, Ryan is wearing a woman's sweater.

Here is Kai being a Shepard in our church's Christmas pageant.

And here he is serving communion on Christmas Eve--how cool is that.

Here is Malia checking out the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve at Mimi and Paw-Paw's house.

And the boys waiting at the top of the stairs on Christmas morning. (Aren't they the sweetest)

Here is everyone opening their presents.

Ryan and I both got a new pair of Toms. Thanks Mom!

And of course the aftermath.....

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

I think I will try to go hibernate for a few days now.


Emily said...

You take really cool pictures! Especially that one of Malia and the tree! And your Toms are cute.

Ryan, Lindsay, Kai, Andrew, Malia, Cali, Hobbs, Theo and Pierre said...