Friday, January 7, 2011

A month with Malia

Malia is one month old!!!

Likes: a good tight swaddle, her NUK (aka pacifier), being held 24/7, and playing a game she has titled "let's see how many times I can can throw up on my mom and dad"

Dislikes: being put down for any reason, having toys thrown at her head by her big brother (guess which one).

Physical features: look at that bellybutton.... we still don't know what to think about that!!

Lovely little baby feet.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our first month together.

Enjoying daddy time.

A rare moment of sweetness.

Getting drowsy

We are still unsure of what to do with these tutus.


Emily said...

Those pics are so cute, especially the close up of her laying with her Daddy. My girls both had outies for a loooong time (Annabel still kinda does) but they eventually have shrunk inward. I think outies are cute. :)
I bet sooner than later, she gets used to those tutus!

Mimi said...

In that first picture, I think she looks more like Kai today. All the pictures are darling.