Monday, July 26, 2010


This past week was VBS at our church. The church looked absolutely amazing, as it was transformed into an underwater adventure for the kids. I worked with the three year olds, Ryan ran the Youth snack room, and Kai got to participate in all the fun. After VBS was over, Ryan planned a different activity every day for the youth to participate in. They went roller skating, played games in a park, went rock climbing, had a pool party, and went to Main Event. It was a great, but very tiring week. Here are some of the highlights!!

VBS fun!!

Playing football and Ultimate Frisbee at Burrough's Park

Rock climbing

Look how high my little Kai is!!!

Swim Party

Main Event

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Emily said...

What a fun idea to have an event every day after VBS. I'll have to see what James thinks of that for next year. :)