Tuesday, June 29, 2010


For the past two years, we have taken a family vacation to Glen Rose, TX to attend the Coleman Family Reunion (mom's side of the family). Last year's trip here and here was all about the dinosaurs. This year Kai, Andrew and I had to go without Ryan (who was on a mission trip). Luckily we had my parents there to help me out!!

We started out the trip attending Fossil Rim Wildlife Reserve. I did not really know what to expect...but now, I can not wait to go back and take Ryan.

The giraffes were, by far, the coolest things to see and feed!!

Kai loved all the deer.

We were a little afraid of the zebras, because we were told they might bite.

But nothing compared to the fear that the ostriches struck in our hearts.

These birds were relentless for food. They would stretch those long necks into your car and go straight for your basket of food. And they would chase after your car after you tried to move on. Kai was not quick enough in giving one of them food, and it reached in a bit his finger stealing the food out of his hand. The entire car load of screaming hysterically until we found out he was not hurt... then our screams turned to laughter. We quickly rolled up the windows and tried to get away from these scary creatures as fast as we could!

We spent the afternoon playing at the park and visiting with family and then, that night, we went to a drive-in movie to see Toy Story 3.

I had never been to a drive-in movie, so I was really excited about it, and it did not disappoint. This was truly a remarkable experience. Everyone was so friendly. Kids were running around playing Frisbee and football before the show. Families were all bundled up in blankets in the the back of trucks. Coolers were brought out and everyone was eating and drinking and having fun. It was a blast... and the movie was really good too!

We spent the next day at the pool and then headed back home to see Ryan. It was a great trip for a second year in a row.

If you are in need of some good, family fun in Texas, I would definitely recommend Glen Rose, TX.

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jancd said...

It was a fun weekend. Kai and Andrew also loved the staircase at the hotel and going to get ice. It's nice that kids love the things adults sometimes never notice.