Thursday, November 19, 2009

My New Hobby

I am making a new hobby out of running. I have done 4 5k races so far this year and am planning one more before the year is over.

Here are my stats (be it not very impressive to real runners)

July 4th Run Wild -- I walked
Oct 3rd- Susan G Komen Race for a Cure- 34 minutes
Oct. 31st- The Great Pumpkin Race- 28 minutes
Nov. 19th- NHCC Turkey Trot- 28 minute

Ryan did the last two race with me, coming in at 24 minutes and 21 minutes ( a little more impressive)

We have one more race this year, the Jingle Bell race in December, and Ryan and I are both trying to shave a minute off our time.

I will keep you posted.


Emily said...

That's why you were looking so good when I saw you!!

Rach said...

Do you ever run on Sat mornings? Luke's Locker in the woodlands does a 5k run the second and fourth sat every month. starts at like 8 I think. I've done a few, low key, not a race just a run but it's fun. Let's do the one next Sat. I stink by the way, I am VERY SLOW but could use a running buddy!