Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Greatest show on Earth

" Can I have monkey bars added to my bedroom ceiling?" Kai Roberts, 4 years old, after his first trip to the circus.

Last night we went to the circus, and it was awesome. We took Emma, Coleman, and Kai and we all had a blast. We got there early so that we could attend the preshow, which consisted of seeing the animals and clowns up close. We got to try on costumes, watch juggling/ clown acts, and see an elephant paint a picture. We were amazed at how big the tigers were and we all thought it was funny that the main elephant's name was Kelly.

I talked to my mom, who kept the kids last night, and she told me that Emma and Coleman spent the morning trying to spin paper plates on yardsticks, and Kai was reenacting the animal scenes, including the goat who rode the horses, with all of his little plastic animals.

I think this will become a yearly trip!!

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Roberts said...

I've never even been to the circus!